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Imagine a public light system with the Light Emitting Diode´s great energy saving potential with the added savings made possible by "light on demand".

Not as a primitive On/Off experience, but gradually and smooth, increasing the amount of lights exactly to the amount of people, their movements and speed.

The result is not only maximum energy efficiency, robust and less demanding in regards of maintenance, costs etc. Its a artistic experience of play and fun into the public space, with the bonus of creating "a safe space".

The system is interacting with the public, every movement creates a reaction, leaving a impression of a environment that "keeps an eye" on the public, with no intrusive video surveillance involved.


The Dobpler System is consisting of modules sized 430 x180 mm.

The modules are incorporated in a buildings exterior using opal hardened safety glass, or by the usage of polycarbonate in less demanding environments.

They may be arranged in compact grid to create a homogenous surface with a LED every square 50 mm or aligned in rows etc.

By reversing the LED's on the production stage, a transparency effect is created, showing on the outside the inside movements of the building or visa versa using a double glass wall. A mixed effect is also possible. Please feel free to contact the designer for questions and possible scenarios.


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