Strømmer, Watercolors
Sandnes municipality’s european capital of culture project 2008.

Photos from the production and construction of the Sandnes instalation
The instalation is named Streams and Flows, and is one of eight light instalations the Snøhetta Architects
projected for Sandnes Kommune.

…pass through the pedestrian subway, notice the trace you leave behind. Stop for a minute, watch and play. Rediscover your own shadow, - do like the kids, play shadow theater, become an illuminated star for an evening. Two people approaching from opposite directions will experience their light shadows melting together, disappearing into a sc-fi inspired intimacy for a few seconds before reproaching.

Strømmer is an unique installation, 27m2 of interactive LEDs provide light for each person passing by, the total energy consumption is smaller than 3 regular 60 w lightbulb. With an impressive lifespan when taken well care of by the inhagitants of Sandnes this is the light source for the future. With its analogue qualities the light is soft and friendly, triggered by passing humans, or doing its own organic life-like and mysterious behavior.


About stig skjelvik and the design

Born 1972. Trondheim Norway.
With a masters degree in industrial design from Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Stig Skjelvik is working and designing with technology and the digital experiences for a venture consumer electronics developer in Oslo. Strømmer was made for the Snøhetta architects in cooperation with Prototyper AS and Rasmus Hildonen. The Dobpler technology was created by Skjelvik as a reaction on the unlimited input possibilities used in digital installations, focusing on the pure quality of experience and light design.

Opening 6 march
Sandnes sentrum, Rogaland, Norway.



Circuit boards by

PCB asembly by

PCB Design by Øyvind Løfstad

Structural design by Pål Espensen

Produced by

Research & Destroy by Rasmus Hildonen -

Photos by
Rasmus Hildonen and Stig Skjelvik

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© 2008. Nullohm As


European City of Culture 2008   Varsko Trondheim 2008
Oslo School of Design and Architecture   Well- tech Award,Milan Designweek 2009
Nordichi 2007